About KS


Such a product can be seen everywhere in the flexible packaging industry at home and abroad.
People oriented, honest and diligent, serving the society is our consistent business purpose, and user satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

Introducing European technology to make the ultimate interpretation

Value of KS

user relations

Establishing trust relationship with users is the foundation of enterprise development


Being in a leading position in all product fields is our goal


The sincere cooperation of all employees is very important for the sound development of the enterprise. Every employee invests full enthusiasm and makes the best efforts for KS.

process approach

Correct process management method is the guarantee of long-term stable and virtuous cycle

innovation and development

Plan and predict the end of the industry, strictly control the quality in the production process, and adhere to professional management and innovation

assess the situation

Make reasonable development strategies according to the market situation and user feedback

investor relations

Make full use of the great influence of investors to ensure the long-term stability of enterprise performance