KFA-B Four axis High-speed Slitting Machine

Technical Parameter
Product model Un Dia Re Dia Width Speed Dimension
mm mm mm m/min m3
1000 600 1300 600 4.4*4.2*2.1


Four-axis slitting machine is the best-selling product among KESHENG KFA-B slitting machines. A four-axis slitter is an all-rounder machine that can cut most materials used in the flexible packaging market.

Four-axis exchange automatic slitting machine (cutting and rolling machine) is suitable for slitting items such as B0PP/PVC/PE/scotch tape/masking paper/double-sided tape/kraft paper tape.


1. Main transmission part: AC motor and frequency converter are used as the transmission material for cutting and rolling, and the acceleration and deceleration are stable and fast.

2. Control unit: Using programmable * control, multiple sizes can be set in the coaxial to automatically convert and cut.

3. Operation panel part: The operation interface adopts LCD touch screen, which can directly set various cutting conditions and monitor the operation status on the screen.

4. Motor control system: The control system is a PLC programmable controller. Various sizes can be set in the coaxial. When cutting, the cutting width can be automatically adjusted according to the set size and quantity.

5. Roll cutting positioning system: controlled by Japanese and European series servo motors, the positioning action is precise and smooth.

6. Automatic roll change device: use the cylinder to drive the positioning teeth and use the movable spline for transmission to ensure fast and accurate roll change; at the same time, it can change the roll without stopping, save the downtime of loading and unloading, and improve the production efficiency.

7. Quick shaft change device: This machine has three kinds of cutting shafts to choose from, and adopts the quick shaft change method to meet the needs of different materials.

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