KWF-B Automatic Slitting Machine
Technical Parameter
Product model Un Dia Re Dia Width Speed Dimension
mm mm mm m/min m3
1000 800 1300 400 3.32*3.96*2.1

Technical characteristics

Range of materials : Films ,Flexible packaging and Paper

This is a large-scale split-type slitting machine suitable for materials with large coil diameters.


The KWF-B heavy duty slitting machine is a large split slitting machine suitable for large coil diameter materials. It can effectively cut large coil diameter materials and improve work efficiency. Jiangyin Kesheng Machinery Co.,Ltd, as a large-scale slitting machine manufacturer in Wuxi, produces various types of slitting machines, re-inspection machines, and Doctor machines. And have a strong strength to undertake customer customization and special production requirements, welcome to contact us to discuss details!

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