KSD-J Automatic Slitting Machine

Technical Parameter
Product model Un Dia Re Dia Width Speed Dimension
mm mm mm m/min m3
800 600 1000 300 2.98*1.5*2.18

Technical characteristics
Range of materials : Aluminum foil, copper foil and other metal materials
This is a product designed for metal material slitting .Thanks to its robust design, it can produce high-diameter reels at the output at very high working speeds. Its regulation and control components enable to produce difficult-to-handle jobs easily.


The aluminium slitting machine is a product specially designed for metal material slitting. Due to its robust design, the aluminum slitting machine can produce large diameter reels at very high working speeds at the output. Its adjustment and control components make it easy to produce jobs that are difficult for other types of products, extending production scope and increasing production efficiency.

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